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Heart of America Open
Tournament included the "best pankration matches in the midwest, so far".
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Kansas City Classic
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2001 World Pankration Championships
The world's best pankration fighters descended on Chicago on November 10 for the WPF World Pankration Championships.
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Greek Show
Johnson County's toughest guys hope a brutal ancient sport will give martial arts a kick in the pants.  Pitch Magazine, April 18, 2002
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Articles about the Mizzou Pankration Team

Everybody Hurts Sometimes
Vox Magazine, Columbia, Missouri. December 18, 2003
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Fight Club: Pankration club revives ancient fighting method.
The Maneater, University of Missouri. November 15, 2002.
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MU's fight club welcomes new members.
The Maneater, University of Missouri. September 7, 2001
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Fighting club packs punch with MU students
The Columbia Missourian.  March 5, 2002
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University of Missouri Fields Pankration Team
Pankration Magazine.  March, 2002.
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